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Hi there! I am Pablo, a passionate painter. Some of you know me already.

Those who do not: I am the guy from the home page of my website =)


Heidelberg is my biggest inspiration and a challenge. It looks different every season. 

My decent work hopefully makes it more famous as it is already. 

I invite everybody to visit this magnificent place. Heidelberg stays always in memories.


I focused myself totally on painting. It was always my passion, but now I am fully into it.

My hands translate and put on paper all the beauty I see around.

I have very sympathetic clients all over the world, with whom I correspond and with whom I have many great pics.

I got through all the techniques I guess. The one that particularly reflects my artistic soul is aquarelle and pastel.

The core area is architecture and people. I love painting people, but this is my own artistic interpretation.

Let me know if you also would like me to paint you or your beloved. I can do that for you with pleasure.

Some of my paintings show just my emotions I feel to specific places and some are a piece of detailed work.

I had the opportunity to paint many fantastic scenes from all over the world.

If you do not have a certificate for my work, you can still get it. Just send me an e-mail with your name or nickname. Then you can get a certificate only to you assigned. This certificate gives the painting a collectible value.

You can also take part in auctions with a suitable discount (art auctions, but not only with paintings).

I have started developing my website. It will be very interesting if you could also take part in it. You are very welcome.


I invite you to leave your e-mail address. I will give you Info about my performances or last events.


Thanks, and enjoy!

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